This page contains all the Going Digital training resources supplied during the workshops.


The Going Digital Blog
Writing a Blog Post

Workshop 1: Scraping the Web

scraping book

Workshop 2: Text mining in digital collections

Text mining in digital collections (Bridgeman Art Library)

Workshop 3: Data visualisation

Data visualisation examples, exercises and tips

Workshop 4: Creating and editing a blog

Tips on Creating & Editing a Blog (workshop 4, Courtauld)

Workshop 5: Using social media as research tools

Going Digital – Presentation D Moats
Using Social Media – program & links used
Link to web pages used in presentation – Dan McQuillan

Workshop 6: Looking after and managing your digital research data

UK Data Archive (Training Materials) 1/2
UK Data Archive (Training Materials) 2/2

PDF files for download:
Qualitative Data -Transcription
Data Anonymisation
Issues in re-using Qualitative Data
Data Copyright Issues
Data Life Cycle & Management Planning
Documenting & Contextualizing your Research Data
Ethical & Legal Issues in Data Sharing
Formatting your Data

Workshop 7: Re-thinking research formats: Editing e-journals

Goldsmiths Going Digital Workshop 1st May

Workshop 8: Digitising the image

How-to-guide: copyright related rights; digital imaging
How-to-guide: (Nick Hiley) General guidelines
How-to-guide: (Nick Hiley) General guidelines
Image publishing on the web Frank Gasking (James Baker)

Workshop 9: Digitising an art collection

Handbook for Digital Projects
Sarah Demelo – Going Digital
Oliver Rickard – Going Digital
Essential reading on Copyright
Introduction to Spectrum procedures

Workshop 10: Digital heritage: Landscapes & the Virtual Past Project

Part 1 East Anglian Film Archive June 2013
Part 2 Going Digital 

Workshop 11: Digital film archive, film studies & participation learning

Going Digital Digital Film Archive Resources

Workshop 12: Opening up the archives: Digitisation & user communities

Opening up the archives
Going Digital Blog

Workshop 13: Digital analysis of language data

CHASE Digital Analysis of Language Data – booklet
CHASE Going Digital PPT – Wordsmith Tools
CHASE Going Digital PPT – CHAT CLAN SRule

Workshop 14: Digital perspectives: Mapping mobilities across disciplines

CHASE Going Digital sjn_kw slides
CHASE Going Digital – conceptual cues & clues
CHASE Going Digital – further reading

FUTURE DIGITAL – Final Conference, Wednesday, 31st July at the Camden campus of the Open University

Conference programme
British Library Labs – Abstract & speaker information
Julianne Nyhan – Abstract & speaker information


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