Hope everyone enjoyed the Social Media Workshop at Goldsmiths

Thanks to all of you who attended the social media workshop at Goldsmiths last week.  I think it was a really fantastic event and the quality of the discussion was very high.  Image

Special thanks to David Moats and Dan McQuillan who gave really fascinating talks.  WE have been building and adding to the reources on our shared space.  Those of you who couldn’t be present please visit – https://intertwinkles.org/twinklepad/p/GoingDigitalGoldsmiths

In a way we were pioneering a form of collaborative hacker scholarship that challenges the individualised modes of research that dominate academic life today.  We hope that you will find communities of expertise to share what you learned and also find answers to the problem you are trying to fix.

I thought it was very interesting when Dan said that one of the things that is native to the digital culture is participation. Image

One implication of Dan’s ideas is that scholar craft and research training is transformed as a result and becomes more about sharing skills and the potential for collective modes of inquiry.

Conducting the workshop on the day of Margaret Thatcher’s funeral provided an opportunity to scrape Twitter for key words being used in tweets about the unfolding events in real time and also look at the networks that were forming on Facebook.


Over period of 20 minutes there were 1500 tweets but interestingly 48% of theme were retweets.

Another group looked at pro and anti Thatcher networks on Facebook.


These groups appeared to be open and public but taking a closer look they were actually quite closely guarded.

Les Back


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