Workshop: Looking after and managing your digital research data – 24 April 2013

A brief introduction to next week’s workshop on digital research data, and a request to contribute your info to the workshop.

As researchers, you understand the importance of research data, as the cornerstone of scientific knowledge, learning and innovation. In this digital age, the generation of research data has not only grown exponentially, but data are nowadays very easily stored, kept long-term, exchanged and re-used around the world. The expectation that technological advances are used to modernise how we handle and utilize research data is growing by the day.

At the same time, the sharing of and easy access to digital research data, which is made easy by technological advances, is increasingly expected by research funders and journal publishers. Making data available to the research community for new scientific investigations increases the return from investments into research. Access to data also means that scientific findings can be verified and scrutinised if needed.

Researchers’ responsibilities towards their research data are therefore changing and it is important for researchers to improve and professionalize their research data management skills, so that high quality and sustainable data result from projects.

In this workshop we will guide you through the key aspects of how to manage, document, format, store and safeguard research data, and how to plan and implement good data management in research projects, with a view to optimise data sharing.

Contribute your experiences or expectations

We would like to use your research and your data management experience as part of exercises and discussions on the day. Therefore, please send us a few lines of text on the research your are doing or planning to do, any data management experiences you might have (e.g.  a data management plan you might have developed or challenges encountered). Or if you would like to discuss any particular questions you have or poijnt out your expectations, let us know.

Please send this to:

Some advance reading

If you want to read up on some topics in advance, these are good sources:

Read the summary of the Royal Society report ‘Science as an open enterprise’ []

Read the article ‘Data sharing by scientists: practices and perceptions’ []

Read our guide ‘Managing and sharing data – best practice for researchers’ []

Or browse through our online guidance:


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