Going Digital Workshop 4: Creating & Editing a Blog – 13th March 2013

Reference material and guides

The session held at the Courtauld was constructed around WordPress’ own guide to blogging, which may be found here. It covers all the steps including: registering your blog, using the dashboard, moderating comments, themes and widgets and mobile blogging.

WordPress also run a support site here.

There are lots of guides to blogging available online or in print or eBook form. Blogging for Creatives is a personal favourite, and might help you decide whether your work is best served through WordPress or another blogging medium such as Tumblr.

We also presented some research-related blogs in the first session by way of inspiration:

The Hans Ewoth Research Project (a research-related blog created by Hope Walker, a current Courtauld MPhil / PhD student)

Past in Present: Revivals in Art and Architecture

Cruise or be Cruised

Duchamp was here

The Courtauld Gallery Blog


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